A cross-disciplinary master’s program focused on the application of design thinking, entrepreneurship, and product innovation with real-life clients.

"The MPI program allowed me to have the time and space to let my curiosity fly. I have been able to dive into a variety of topics and projects that have helped to shape my perspective on innovation and approaches to making an impact."

~ Isaiah Harvin
Product Manager at HBO Max, WarnerMedia - Class of 2020

"The MPI program is where I honed my customer first mindset."

~ Jimmy Ricks
Product Manager, Conversational AI Products at Capital One - Class of 2018

"My experience at the da Vinci Center enabled me to pivot my career - I was able to expand my network of industry professionals and build a new network of collaborators and influencers."

~ Shannon Eastwood
Director of Strategy at Mobelux - Class of 2018

About the Master of Product Innovation Degree

The Master of Product Innovation (MPI) at VCU is designed for creative thinkers and doers from a wide range of backgrounds who want to create impact. Students build a robust portfolio through the application of ideation, design, project and product management with real world clients and go on to work for cutting edge companies and startups.

While students in the program come from design, engineering, business, social sciences and the arts, they all share common traits of unconventional thinking, a track record of producing highly creative work, and a collaborative and optimistic spirit. If this sounds like you, we'd love to meet you!

About VCU da Vinci Center

The VCU da Vinci Center is a unique collegiate model that advances innovation and entrepreneurship through cross-disciplinary collaboration. The academic and experiential offerings of the da Vinci Center aim to create T-shaped individuals who are anchored in a discipline and have the capacity and openness to span across disciplines. The da Vinci Center is committed to increasing diversity and inclusivity in entrepreneurial and technical ecosystems; recognizing that our students represent the next generation of innovators and creators.

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Info Sessions

Join our staff and past and present students to learn about our cross-disciplinary graduate program!

Master of Product Innovation Info Session
Master of Product Innovation Info Session
Past Master of Product Innovation Info Sessions

Shift Retail Lab


Shift Retail Lab at VCU is a multifunctional retail space where past and present VCU students can showcase their work to gain insights and test their products, services, and ideas with real world customers. Shift aims to excite and empower innovative ideas and showcase the diverse talent on and off campus. The 2700 sq ft facility is conveniently located across the street from the VCU Siegel Center at 1235 West Broad St.

Construction of Shift Retail Lab is made possible thanks to a partnership with Hourigan Group. Branding created by students from VCU Brandcenter.

Shift Retail Lab